Congratulations to Massida Solutions PLC (Ethiopia) for being awarded the Tulu Moye Geothermal Operation (TMGO) logistics contract for which Massida offers full door to door logistics for all equipment imports from various international origins.  Massida Solutions and FFK have also been awarded move of Kengen drilling rig from Kenya to Tulu Moye and successfully completed job.

Tulu Moye drilling is expected to begin in January 2020, which will mark the start of the development of a 150 MW geothermal power plant with an anticipated total investment of USD 800 million. By September 2022 TMGO anticipates generating 50 MW from the first phase of the geothermal powerplant, and by 2024, be able to generate 150 MW towards the Ethiopian Electricity Grid. The 150 MW is the first part of an envisioned 520 MW of power generation from geothermal expected by TMGO.